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What Do We Do?
Ham radio operators use a variety of radio equipment and operating modes to stay in touch with one another, and when disaster strikes, to serve their communities.

Many amateur radio enthusiasts enjoy building and testing their own radio equipment, designing and building antennas, and interfacing computers with their radios. There's even a group of hams that enjoys building high altitude balloons, and sending aloft radios that beam back telemetry, including GPS location, temperature, etc. from nearly 90,000 feet above the earth's surface! Of course, cameras are a part of the payload, and some magnificient photos are the result, almost as if taken from the space shuttle. And speaking of the space shuttle, many astronauts are hams, and amateurs here on earth have the opportunity to communicate by ham radio with them while they are onboard the international space station!

Using a variety of modes of transmission, including FM voice, single sideband, and CW (Morse Code), amateur radio operators stay in touch with one another across the community, across county lines, and even cross country and internationally.
Digital modes allow hams to communicate via computer; Echolink, Packet, radioteletype, and APRS are just some of the exciting opportunities available for amateur radio operators.

Also, fast scan amateur television, once considered rather esoteric, has exploded in popularity thanks to cheap camcorders and good quality video cards in home computers. Because of the wide bandwidth and stable signals required, fast scan amateur television is limited in range to at most 100 km (about 60 miles) in normal conditions.

Whatever your interests, there's a place in Amateur Radio for you!

When Emergencies Happen.....

J.C.A.R.C. is there to help. Working closely with the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency, Jackson County Fire Departments, the Sheriff's office, local law enforcement, and SEOEMS, members of the Jackson County Amateur Radio Club provide communications services, relaying vital information about shelters, victim information, and providing backup communications if needed by the public safety providers.
When natural or manmade disaster occurs (flooding, winter storms, tornadoes, hazardous materials leaks, etc.) JCARC is there alongside the paid public safety professionals, providing support and communications services. JCARC members participate in and are reserved a seat at the table for the County's annual disaster exercises, practicing our role in message delivery and communications services.
Many JCARC members are trained in formal message taking and are members of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services)
Amateur Radio- A Hobby Helping People
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